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Years of training with great teachers from all over the world in Belly Dance industry to offer belly dance classes, private tuition, workshops and shows production.


High level belly dance technique united to a personalized style and method to give you the best belly dance experience.


Dancers are Artists, no matter what style they dance. Our style will give you all the training and knowledge, both technically and on stage, to let you become the dancer you want to be.

“Of a thousands colours is the soul of those who Dance”

Ilaria Polizzi

  • Our method is based on body awareness and control.
  • Technique, Musicality and Rhythm are our fundamentals.
  • Throughout a deep knowledge of our body we will guide you to know your posture and body lines, as a professional dancer does.


In 10 years of teaching experience, we touched the heart of many women of different ages and inspire a lot of them discovering this ancient art, guided by an artistic approach.

About Us

Ilaria Polizzi is a professional Oriental dancer and dance teacher. She devoted her life to teaching belly dance with the mission to inspire women of all ages to love Dance.

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A very professional dancer and teacher and a very beautiful person.
she has a great technical and theoretical preparation in many styles of Oriental dance ♥️
I really suggest you to study with Ilaria


Whoever is lucky enough to study with Ilaria Polizzi will find a treasure in her teaching. A technique and a sweetness in the movements that stand out in its unique style. I personally owe her a lot … especially for my posture which was terrible !!!